What our clients have to say about us:
"Having personally worked with Zinclair Studios as a pastor on a large renovation project and having seen their work at other churches I can attest first hand to the very fine work which they do.  Zinclair showed an ability to give both an overall vision and design to the whole of the restoration project as well as the ability to carry out each small detail; from the carving of each statue, to the restoration of the stations of the cross to the original design of the stained glass and the lighting scheme to illuminate them.  
But what set them apart was their ability to help bring about the design which the community itself wanted rather than simply imposing their own vision or design. With their extensive knowledge of all traditional forms of church art and architecture, they were able to work within our budget and adapt to the demands of a building which were far from ideal to produce a house of worship which the faithful founding stunning and truly prayerful. I cannot recommend the work of Zinclair Studios highly enough!"

Very Rev. John M. Berg
Maison S. Pierre Canisius
Chemin Schoenberg 8
CH-1700 Fribourg; Suisse
tel. +41 26 488 00 37
"Zinclair's design for our church's interior remodel was carefully tailored to the building itself, taking full advantage of its artistic possibilities. The finished work is notable for its balance of decoration and color. Everything fits. Nothing is out of place. With some decorative works, time only serves to show what could have been better done. 
I've spent many hours in this church and it's beauty is not diminished with time. 
It really is a thing of beauty, a joy forever." 

Rev. Joseph Terra, FSSP
Mater Misericordiae Mission
Phoenix, Arizona 
"As pastor of both St. Patrick and St. Canice churches, it was my privilege to work with Zinclair studios in the restoration of six statues—the Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Anthony, and two statues each of St. Joseph and our Blessed Mother. All are highly valuable antique pieces that needed full restoration, including replacing missing parts and complete repainting. From the first consultation Anja’s professionalism and honesty were obvious, and my parishioners and I have been very impressed with the artistic beauty of her work. The statues were returned to us quickly with a wonderful new life that still beautifully retained the original, antique appearance. I would highly recommend Zinclair studios to any church without the least reservation."

Fr. Sylvester Kwiatkowski, Pastor
St. Patrick Church, Grass Valley, CA
St. Canice Church, Nevada City, CA

 When I was assigned to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Sacramento the Sanctuary area was in need of some work. Some of the parishioners had  been long time parishioners and to change anything, however minor, can  have negative impacts on some of these parishioners, causing an issue. The crucifix above the Tabernacle is big and the wood was a gray, green color with a faded corpus. Zinclair studios had sent a card and because I wanted someone local, I gave them a call. I met  with Anja who was quick to understand the needs of our Parish. At the  same time that Anja took the crucifix to her Studio I also asked for  her opinion as to the color palette to be used on the Sanctuary and so  we chose a few colors. The colors that we used on the walls were  very complementary in keeping to the rest of the church and then Anja  completed the renovation of the crucifix. The job was superb and  parishioners were not just happy but very happy with Anja' s work. The  next work that was done was a painting of Our Lady of Lourdes which again we commissioned Anja for the job. The painting was to be placed  on the wall next to the Crucifix and on the other side we had a  painting of Divine Mercy that was donated. Both paintings had to  harmonize as they would be in full view of the parishioners. Anja  again came through with quality work and in a timely fashion as she is  very accurate with the time it will take. The last two pieces of work  were the renovation of two statues that had completely lost their  color and the finished work was magnificent. Some non-parishioners even noticed the beautiful work and commented on how the pieces looked  more lively and nurturing. Parishioners were very pleased with all  the work accomplished in the Sanctuary and it was thanks to Anja with  her choice of colors and all the renovations, not to mention the  painting.I highly recommend her work as she is not only very talented but she  is able to interpret and carry out the customer's vision.

Fr. Mieczyslaw "MITCH" Maleszyk
Saint Thomas More Parish.
Paradise, CA